TouchIn v1.0

DOWNLOAD for TouchDesigner 099

DOWNLOAD for TouchDesigner 088

Video tutorials: HERE


Hi TouchDesigner User!

Thanks fos download TouchIn v1.0 interface.

This interface is in continuous update. Is a baby.

If you have any commentary, feedback or do you want to collaborate, please, contact me:

Thanks! 🙂

*possibly in other versions some modules may appear cluttered. On the LAYOUT tab of each COMP container, you must change the value of “Alignment Order”. I am sorry


Next Updates:

1.Import TOX menu.

2. Module Effects:

– Replicator Effect

– More Effects

3. Module Background:

– Generative content creator

4. Module Clips:

– More Options

5. Module Settings:

– Kinect Options


(You can download TouchDesigner HERE)


2 Replies to “TOUCHIN V1.0

    • Hola Fernando. Sí, tienes el TouchDesigner para Mac aquí:
      La interface se puede abrir en Mac sin problemas, al abrirla, en algunos casos, puede tener algún problema de desajsute de ventanas pero tiene rapida solución, en “Alignment Order” de cada Container COMP lo puedes ajustar. Cualquier cosa no dudes en escribir! Un abrazo. 🙂

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