The world of Matrix… UE5 + Houdini

The whole matrix world was made with Houdini… and I think we live in a matrix, so we live inside Houdini… I knew it! 🙂   https://www.sidefx.com/community/unreal-engine-5/ State of Unreal Keynote Ready for what’s next? Don’t miss the Epic Games keynote for some very special Unreal Engine news The Matrix Awakens: Generate a World Find out […]


Me he hecho un Patreon!

  Me he hecho un Patreon! Hola! Siempre me ha gustado ayudar a la gente que quiera empezar o avanzar en el mundo CGI, por eso he creado un Patreon gratiX de Houdini + Unreal en castellano. Truquitos, Tips y mucho más de los dos sotwares lideres en el mercado. Poco a poco (cuando el […]


Houdini’s TD REEL

Houdini’s TD REEL My Houdini’s TD REEL. Here can you see how I do the Reel’s setups. Hope your like it! inlav.nethello@inlav.net+34 650 506 747——————–REEL RESOURCES: 3D MODELS:Nasa 3d – Animum 3d – Open3dModel – Ejezeta – Mixamo – Turbosquid – CGTrader MUSIC:The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck (youtube.com/watch?v=BC2dRkm8ATU) SPECIAL THANKS:Animum School Team […]


My little test in SideFX Houdini

My little test in SideFX Houdini   Hi! I added a little section in my blog (here) called: FX(My Little Test). In this section, I show you Houdini’s experiments. I Will try upload mainly PYRO, FLIPS, RBD and CROWDS. Hope you like! 🙂