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FX Softwares

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2D Software

Name Manufacturer Description
Adobe Suite Adobe Programs for creating and editing images, animations, motion graphics, etc. Essential programs include Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Animate.
Material Maker RodZilla A software to create procedural textures.
Substance Designer Adobe (formerly Allegorithmic) Tool for creating procedural materials and textures in 3D. Widely used in the gaming and film industry for designing detailed and customized textures.
Substance Painter Adobe (formerly Allegorithmic) 3D painting software that allows artists to paint directly on 3D models using a variety of tools and brushes.
Houdini COPstance Plugin COPstance Plugin for Houdini that enables Substance Designer nodes within Houdini’s COP context.
FacedownFX LTD FacedownFX LTD For the composition and verification of flipbooks.
Game Texture Viewer JangaFX Could be a tool for viewing textures used in games, but more details would be needed.
Krita KDE Open-source software for illustration and digital art. Offers a variety of brushes and tools for artists.
GIMP The GIMP Development Team Open-source image editing program used for retouching and editing photos, image composition, and digital art creation.
Inkscape The Inkscape Team Open-source vector design software used for creating and editing vector graphics.

For iPad

Name Manufacturer Description
Procreate Savage Interactive Illustration and 2D animation software. Flipbook creation.
MotionBook 亮 彭 2D flipbook creation.
Let’s make flipbooks Kazuya Fujita 8-bit flipbook creation.
Flame Painter Escape Motions, s.r.o Texture creation.
Axiom Solver Theory Accelerated LLC Volume simulation.

3D Software

Name Manufacturer Description
SideFX Houdini SideFX 3D graphics software specialized in procedural simulations, fluid dynamics, particle effects, and animations. Known for creating complex visual effects.
Blender Blender Foundation Open-source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and more.
3ds Max Autodesk Software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering widely used in design, film, games, and architectural visualization.
Maya Autodesk 3D software for animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering, commonly used in film, TV, and game development.
ZBrush Pixologic Software for digital sculpting and modeling, known for its ability to create highly detailed 3D models.
Marvelous Designer CLO Virtual Fashion Software for creating and simulating 3D clothing and fabrics, used in film, games, and fashion.
Maxon Cinema 4D Maxon Computer 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software with user-friendly tools, popular in graphic design and animation.
SpeedTree IDV (Interactive Data Visualization) Software for creating, modeling, and animating trees and vegetation, used in games, films, and architectural visualizations.

Game Engines

Name Manufacturer Description
Unreal Engine Epic Games Versatile game engine known for creating AAA games and advanced rendering technology. Used in games, simulations, and more.
Unity Unity Technologies Popular game engine allowing development for various platforms. Known for ease of use and a large community.
TouchDesigner Derivative Visual development tool for real-time multimedia projects, often used for interactive installations and performances.
CryEngine Crytek Game engine with advanced graphics technology, initially used in the Crysis game series.
AppGameKit The Game Creators Development kit designed to facilitate game and app programming for multiple platforms.
GameMaker YoYo Games Game development tool for creating 2D games without extensive programming knowledge.
Godot Open-source community Open-source game engine supporting both 2D and 3D development with an intuitive interface and GDScript programming language.
Lumberyard Amazon Game engine based on CryEngine architecture, integrated with Amazon’s cloud services and Twitch.
Armory Armory Technologies (open-source) Open-source 3D game engine integrated with Blender, using the Haxe programming language.
Defold King (open-source) Free 2D game engine focused on ease of use and performance.
Solar2D Vlad Shcherban (Corona Labs INC, Fire maple games, and Kamibox) Platform for developing 2D games and apps for mobile devices.
RPG Maker ASCII Corporation (Enterbrain, KADOKAWA Future Publishing) Game development tool focused on creating 2D RPGs with a user-friendly interface.