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Go to the moon!




  • Scene: The idea is to create a scene of a rocket launching, with a focus on creating high-speed smoke and fire visual effects.
  • Model: A fully procedurally modeled rocket will be provided so that students can understand and appreciate the advantages of this approach compared to traditional modeling by experiencing the variability of a Digital Asset (HDA) within UE5.
  • FX: Students will need to create and add the visual effects in Unreal Engine, focusing on the smoke and fire from the launch propulsion.


  • Large-scale visual effects creation
  • Procedural Modeling

Resources Provided

  • Procedurally modeled rocket digital asset in Houdini and UE project
  • Houdini model project

Technical Requirements

  • Students must install the Houdini Engine plugin in their version of Unreal Engine to properly work with the assets and the proposed practices.


  • Focus on learning and exploring procedural modeling and how it can revolutionize your workflow compared to traditional methods.
  • Create effects beyond smoke, to add a personal and unique touch to each version of the rocket launching scene. Creation of different rocket shapes, added magic effects, and launch in different scenarios.
  • You can also add other additional effects to enrich the scene, for example, “magic” effects or other special effects and create different versions of the rocket with the utility of the Digital Asset.

Houdini Engine for Unreal

(Install Houdini + Unreal)

Houdini Engine Plugin (Apprentice edition):

  • Copy the “HoudiniEngine” folder to the “plugins” folder of the UE project.
  • (If the “plugins” folder does not exist, create it)
  • The plugin is located in C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini Engine\Unreal\19.5.640\5.1
  • Activate the plugin in UE (restart UE):
  • Create “Houdini Engine Session”
  • Sometimes the session mysteriously disconnects, we just have to click on the “Restart Session” option (In the same menu where “Create Session” is)
  • Import the Digital Asset (HDA) into the provided UE project
  • Drag it to the scene.
  • Make sure the session is active
  • and finally: Enjoy it!