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About me

David Inlines

Houdini artist and FX TD

Hi! I’m David Inlines. I’m FX Artist at Gameloft Barcelona.

I love experimenting and creating new visual effects for games, cinema, advertising, museums, and audiovisual shows. I’m always experimenting with Real-Time Engines, render engines, VFX and 3d Techniques,

In my professional life, I’ve touched different fields of CGI and programming.

I started in this world in 2008 doing visuals and video mapping for concerts, corporative events, nightclubs, and audiovisual installations. I was a 3d coordinator in a company based in Madrid from 2014 to 2018.

Then from 2018 to early 2020 I was freelance and in mid-2020 I started working at Gameloft Barcelona doing FX for the games Disney Speedstorm and Asphalt9: Legends

I used to 3d studio Max + After Effects to create content and Modul8 + MadMapper for directs. In 2016, to do all that, I created my own interface based on Touchdesigner to create generative visuals in real-time called “Touchin”.

In 2017 I switched all software and learn SideFX Houdini and Unreal Engine. I love them and are forever!🤟🏻

I’m a very fan of books, music, and space. In my free time, I love to play the guitar and fly my drone! 😀

Formations and certifications

  • Learning advanced procedural modeling (SideFX Houdini)
  • Get the course for Dron A1/A3. Open category.
  • An interview for The VFX book from Gexe. Link
  • Renderout CGI Magazine’s article about “Be Unique” project (spanish). Link
  • The Rookies Discover‘s article about “Be Unique” project (english). Link
  • Auto-learning: Python Course. Eric Matthes.
  • Interview: El podcast del 3d. Link
  • Start in Gameloft Barcelona
  • Be Unique‘s project gets Winner Runner Up The Rookies Awards 2020. Credential
  • Get a VEX course (SideFX Houdini)
  • Appears on several CGI websites
  • Get a course in Unreal Engine Advanced
  • Get an Advanced Tips course in SideFX Houdini.
  • Start Master in VFX and composition with SideFX Houdini and Nuke in Animum School.
  • Freelance
  • Course: Create 360 inmersive videos and AR content. Bermudas Land
  • Course of Advanced technique Dataton Watchout. Comm-Tec Company
  • I’ve moved to Madrid to create and management a CGI department in a company. Technique and Creative.
  • Master in Autodesk Maya. Basic and Advanced formation in Trazos_ School.
  • Get a Relaflow’s Course with Vanevar Studio
  • Create a MaxScript tutorial
  • 1 year Course of Animation in 9zeros School.
  • Get a certification from Espai Barcelona School: 3ds Max Course basic and advanced.
  • Start in the university Pompeu Fabra: Telecommunication Engineering
  • Start 3ds Max Ciurse in Espai Barcelona School.
  • The begining in CGI world. Visual contents for direct shows and nightclubs